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Rey Mysterio Jr • Johnny Mundo • Psicosis • Joey Ryan • Octagoncito • Taya Valkyrie • Rey Horus • Mascarita Dorada • Bestia 666 • Damian 666 • Tigre Uno • Thunder Rosa • Demus 3:16 • Lord Drako • Acertijo • Tigre Del Ring • Iron Fly • And Maybe You?!
Ring Announcer / MC: Melissa Santos


“At the height of WCW’s popularity in the late ’90s, one of the most recognizable ‘faces’ on Nitro was Mexican luchador Psicosis. In addition to being a mainstay of WCW’s cruiserweight division, the masked highflier was considered to be one of  Rey Mysterio’s greatest adversaries, battling The Master of the 619 in ECW, WCW, and WWE.

Psicosis’ in-ring career began in Mexico under the tutelage of Rey Mysterio, Sr. The luchador quickly became a rising star in Mexico’s AAA organization, engaging in rivalries with La Parka and Rey Mysterio. Eventually, Psicosis caught the attention of Paul Heyman and made the transition north of the border, competing in ECW in 1995.

Although his tenure in ECW was brief, Psicosis’ conflict with Mysterio intensified following a series of critically acclaimed matches that not only helped launch his American career, but also put The Master of the 619 in the forefront of wrestling fans’ minds. With his unique ring gear and uncanny flying abilities, Psicosis joined WCW in 1996 and became a prominent part of the cruiserweight division.

Psicosis continued to battle Mysterio in WCW and took part in a highly-competitive series of matches against Japanese sensation Ultimo Dragon. Eventually, the masked man became a two-time Cruiserweight Champion, as well as a founding member of Eddie Guerrero’s short-lived group of Mexican wrestlers, The Latino World Order.

Following a battle with Billy Kidman on Nitro, Psicosis was forced to remove his mask and reveal his true face to the world. The dishonor did not stop the agile grappler from competing at the highest levels in Mexico, Japan, and various independent organizations before appearing at ECW One Night Stand in 2005 to once again face his greatest opponent, Rey Mysterio.”



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